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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

RHD Australia

General Overiew

APNA Poster on ARF and RHD

Staff from RHDAustralia attended an exhibition booth and presented this poster at the Australian Primary Health Nurses Conference in Adelaide, 4-6th April 2019. The poster shows the progression of the disease from ARF to RHD, investigations for ARF, recommended care plans for RHD, and links to support resources for clinicians.

Clinician and Patient Bookmarks with resources

We have two bookmarks available for order from our Darwin office. They are perfect for handing out to clinicians and/or patients. The first bookmark is for clinicians and features a QR code which quickly links to the ARF Diagnosis and Guideline App while the back contains information on our free e-learning modules. The second bookmark is for patients and features a QR code to quickly link the Treatment Tracker App, which is an app to remind people when their injections are due. The back features a link to our resources page and highlights the 'Sharing a Heartbeat' short film.

What is acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease? An explainer video and poster for school staff

This brief overview of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is aimed at school staff, who are well placed to assist children aged 5-14 years, their families and communities to prevent and manage these conditions. Sore throats can lead to open heart surgery in high risk populations. We encourage all school staff to watch the video and download the poster for displaying around the school.

Resource flyer with links

This interactive PDF contains information and links to our free ARF diagnosis app, free treatment tracker app, short films, and free elearning modules. Great for sending in an email to anyone you think may be interested in utilising these resources.

Traditional Owner Takes Action on Preventing RHD in Maningrida - Take Heart

My name is Joseph Diddo. I work in language culture. I am a traditional land owner in Maningrida. And support the children to learn about the things like we do. Back in day one, the old people didn't know we going to see the witch doctor like Guragone and try to get their help with the bush medicine but couldn't help. They came to the language and culture to support and the understanding what the rheumatic heart thing comes up and then there's, so we link together in language, in English, to understand together.

NSW ARF/RHD and RHD Register Factsheet

This easily understandable factsheet provides a brief overview on the prevention, diagnosis and management of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease.

South Australia ARF & RHD Infographic 2018

Key figures and statistics on acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in South Australia. Developed in conjunction with SA Health and RHDAustralia.

2018 Closing the Gap Refresh

Submission on behalf of the END RHD Centre of Research Excellence and RHDAustralia. This document contains recommendations for the Closing the Gap Refresh that will retain a focus on health outcomes that matter to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) could provide a critical, tangible target for achieving gains in Indigenous life expectancy. RHD is the leading cause of cardiovascular inequality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

RHD Wiping out generations of Indigenous Australians

NITV short documentary featuring people with RHD, including Leon from Bagot, Aldrick in Maningrida, among others

The Australian Rheumatic Fever Strategy: the role of RHDAustralia | Claire Boardman

Presentation on the Australian Rheumatic Fever Strategy by Claire Boardman, Deputy Director, RHDAustralia. RHDA Seminar Series, Darwin, 12 August 2014.