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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

RHD Australia


APNA Poster on ARF and RHD

Staff from RHDAustralia attended an exhibition booth and presented this poster at the Australian Primary Health Nurses Conference in Adelaide, 4-6th April 2019. The poster shows the progression of the disease from ARF to RHD, investigations for ARF, recommended care plans for RHD, and links to support resources for clinicians.

Co-designing Accessible Health Messages: Local Activities Support Local Goals

Poster presented at the 2018 CRANAplus Conference. Recent work (2018) in remote areas describes the requirements for co-creation of health education resources in an appropriate cultural context - achieving inclusive and equitable quality education for all in the prevention of rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Guide to administering penicillin (BPG/Bicillin/LAB)

This poster contains a brief summary of things to think about when administering secondary prophylaxis.

Days at Risk Poster and Paper

Preventing acute rheumatic fever by using the "Days at Risk" concept. Each day that a person is overdue for their BPG injection, is a day they are at risk of ARF. This paper provides more detailed information on the "Days at Risk" concept. Recall at 28 days leads to late secondary prophylaxis as it often takes a number of days to find a client. Consideration could be given to changing routine recall to 21 days.

RHD in Pregnancy Poster - A3 size

There are two versions of this poster. One is for electronic distribution and has links embedded; perfect for emailing other clinics or distributing electronically. The other is for printing and putting on the wall of your clinic or ward. If you would like a high quality print, please contact us to discuss. The aim of these posters is to familiarise health professionals with RHD in pregnancy, the resources available, and some of the important considerations when assessing pregnant women who are Aboriginal, Torres Strait and/or Pacific Islander.

Infective Endocarditis A3 Poster

Waiting room poster, designed for dental clinics, to alert patients with a heart condition to alert their dental professional

'Don't miss out on the things you love' RHD calendar | SA Health

Together with the Aboriginal community in South Australia, SA Health has developed a calendar to educate people about the importance of rheumatic heart disease and acute rheumatic fever through simple messages and testimonials from people across South Australia. The theme of the calendar is “Don't miss out on the things you love” which contains photos of people from across South Australia talking about why they look after their hearts and what they don't want to miss out on. On the other side of the calendar is information about rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease.

Recognising & treating skin conditions

This full-colour flipchart is specifically targeted at an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audience for whom English is not a first language. It uses photographs and easy-to-understand descriptions to show and explain the different kinds of skin conditions likely to affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and how best to treat them. It is designed for use by health professionals working in remote locations but, due to the confronting nature of the images, it may not suited for broad dissemination. The flipchart can be downloaded, but is not available in hard copy.

THINK ARF poster: assume rheumatic fever until proven otherwise

Poster with image of mother carrying her child, with basic information on signs, symptoms and management. Displays Queensland contact numbers