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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

Western Australian RHD Register and Control Program

Acute rheumatic fever is a notifiable condition in Western Australia.  Rheumatic heart disease is notifiable in Western Australia 

The aim of the Western Australia (WA) RHD Register and Control Program is to improve detection, monitoring and management of ARF and the resultant condition RHD through:

  • implementation and expansion/maintenance of a dedicated state wide patient register and recall system for ARF and RHD;
  • improved clinical care including improved delivery of and adherence to secondary prophylaxis antibiotics;
  • provision of education and training for health care providers, individuals, families and communities; and
  • the collection and provision of data for national monitoring and reporting of ARF and RHD and measuring program effectiveness in the detection and management of ARF and RHD.

The WA RHD Register and Control Program is based in Perth and works with health services throughout Western Australia: across the Kimberley, Pilbara, Goldfields, South West and Midwest regions and with metropolitan health services including the Perth Children's Hospital. Western Australia accounts for 33% of the landmass of Australia and much of the state is classified remote or very remote.

Who we work with

The WA RHD Register and Control Program works with Government and Aboriginal Community Controlled health services, the hospital sector, GP's, corrective services, schools, community groups and people living with ARF and/or RHD and their families. The program has a particular focus on community engagement which guides its activities.

State legislation and notification

Both ARF and RHD are notifiable conditions in Western Australia. Medical and nurse practitioners have a legal duty to provide particular information on a patient when they become aware that the patient has, or is being treated for, ARF and/or RHD. For further details see the attached information and notification form, go to the Department of Health website or contact the WA RHD Register and Control Program.


Notification Form

The Western Australia Rheumatic Heart Disease Orientation film provides consistent orientation for any staff member who may provide a service to a patient diagnosed with acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and/or rheumatic heart disease (RHD) and to inform staff of their legal obligations in regard to the Western Australia RHD Register. The film can be accessed through RHDAustralia's e-learning platform

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09 November 2022
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