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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

Treatment Tracker App

Treatment Tracker is a free mobile phone app designed to support people who receive regular penicillin injections to prevent acute rheumatic fever. The app can be used by people receiving the injections, and by people who care for others who receive injections. Treatment Tracker reminds people when their injection is due, and motivates them to receive their injections on time.

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How does it work? 

Once the Treatment Tracker app is installed on your mobile phone, you need to create a user profile, enter the date your injection was last given, and choose your avatar. Additional accounts can be created if there are multiple people receiving injections.

For each person, the app sends notifications to the phone before the next injection due date, and sends reminders if the injection is missed.

Injection appointments can also be recorded; the app will provide a reminder for the appointment date instead.

A ‘widget’ can be added to the mobile phone home screen as an additional reminder for when the next injection is due.

Every time you get your injection on time (between 21-28 days) and enter the date it was given, you earn points to use in the Treatment Tracker store to buy clothes and accessories for your avatar. There is also a game function.

Once downloaded, the app operates offline, without an internet connection.

Treatment Tracker is a free mobile phone app designed to support people who receive regular penicillin injections to prevent acute rheumatic fever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Treatment Tracker for? 

Treatment Tracker is a smartphone app support tool designed to remind and encourage young people to receive their regular penicillin injections to prevent acute rheumatic fever on time.

Treatment Tracker is designed for people on a 28-day penicillin injection regimen.

Can Treatment Tracker be used for people on 21 day medical regimens? 

Yes, but the user will need to manually enter the appointment dates. Due dates in the Treatment Tracker are automatically calculated for people on 28 day medical regimens only - not 21 day medical regimes.

Appointment dates and times can be manually entered to adjust for the 21 day medical regimens or to schedule specific appointments for secondary prophylaxis.

How do people get their reminders?

Once installed, Treatment Tracker provides pop up notifications on the mobile phone. Reminders start 2 weeks before the next injection is due, and stop once the injection is given and the injection date is recorded.

Each user will receive the following reminders before their injection is due:

  • 2 weeks before: “Don’t forget your injection on [date due]
  • 1 week before:   “Don’t forget your injection is due this week, get it by the [date due]
  • 3 days before: “Don’t’ forget, you need your injection on or before [date due]"
  • 1 day before: “Your injection is due tomorrow – don’t forget!

On the day the injection is due...

  • at 9am: “Keep your heart strong!  Get your injection today!
  • at 6pm: “Did you get your injection today?

If the injection is overdue….

  • 1 day overdue: “You missed your injection – make sure you get it today!
  • 2 days overdue: “Don’t put your heart at risk – get your injection today!
  • 3 days overdue: “Don’t put your heart at risk – get your injection today!"
  • 1 week overdue: “Don’t get sick again– make sure you get your injection!
Is the Treatment Tracker app linked to clinic data? 

No. Injection reminders are based on information provided by the user, and not linked to hospital, clinics or any other services.

Treatment Tracker is a self-management tool designed to remind people when injections are due, however, clinic/medical advice should be followed at all times. 

Will it work offline?

Yes. An internet connection is required to download the app, and once downloaded it will work offline, without using data and without an internet connection. 

How much data do I need to download and use the app?

Downloading the Treatment Tracker app will use about 10-15MB of data depending on the mobile phone model. Once downloaded, the app works offline. Once installed, the app occupies around 20MB of space on the mobile phone. 

(By comparison, the Facebook app for iPhone uses 223MB of storage once downloaded)

Does the Treatment Tracker app work tablets?

The Treatment Tracker app is available and can be used on an iPad. Desktop is not supported at this time.


Last Updated 
12 April 2021
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