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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

RHD Resouces


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Comic style booklet for young people highlighting the importance of preventing and treating sore throats and skin sores. Benny's journey with...
Information on signs and symptoms and how to manage rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. Booklet using comic book style characters to...
Short video about secondary prophylaxis, what it is, and why it is important
Short video explaining the Pedrino Study (Echocardiogram screening) to potential participants
Short animated video showing how a valve repair and replacement is completed
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Video of discussion about RHD with Woman from Thursday Island for the St Vincents Hospital
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Video features Bo Remenyi and Jessie Johnston on Tiwi Islands, discussing the importance of cardiac care during pregnancy
How GAS infection of throats and sores leads to RHD. How to prevent GAS infection to prevent RHD
Short public health message about the need to focus on RHD prevention
NITV short documentary featuring people with RHD, including Leon from Bagot, Aldrick in Maningrida, among others
Demonstration of a young girl with chorea
Demonstration of a young boy with chorea
Story of teenager - Rayboy, going to clinic for BPG and looking after younger child who also needs BPG
A very concise 1min 38sec audio recording of Dr Bo Remenyi talking about the signs and symptoms of acute rheumatic. Quick and to the point. If your...
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This is a 13 minute film directed by Indigenous women about fertility, pregnancy and family for young Indigenous women who have rheumatic heart...
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