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Patients, Families & Communities

Patients, Families & Communities resource page about acute rheumatic fever (ARF) or rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Sticking to Treatment

West Australian performance artist Nelson Baker has turned his experience of living with rheumatic heart disease into a powerful video message to other young Australians. The rap was written by Nelson and the music video was produced by Goolarri Media for the Western Australia Country Health Service (WACHS). In it, Nelson raps about the importance of adhering to a decade-long regime of monthly penicillin shots to prevent recurrences of rheumatic fever.

A family's journey with acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease | Cherie, Kenya and Luke McAdam

The McAdam family live every day with acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease.
Cherie McAdam's daughter Kenya had recurrent acute rheumatic fever which was underdiagnosed. Kenya now has rheumatic heart disease.
Cherie's son Luke is on secondary prophylaxis for acute rheumatic fever.
By sharing their story, the family hope to raise awareness to improve care for other families.

Presented at RHDAustralia Seminar Series, Darwin, August 2014.

Berribob | a story of rheumatic fever told by Berribob Watson

Berribob Watson contracted rheumatic heart disease as a young person. He has managed the disease through his entire adult life. In this film clip (directed towards his own community, but applicable to all), he reinforces the need for regular visits to the doctor for a check up. Produced by Skinnyfish TV.

Stop Sore Throats Hurting Hearts Campaign | New Zealand

Health Promotion Awareness in New Zealand is working with the Ministry of Health rheumatic fever prevention programme to raise awareness among parents, families and caregivers of school children within high risk communities about the importance of getting sore throats checked and treated as quickly as possible to prevent rheumatic fever. The website contains information about: All about sore throats; What is the treatment for strep throat? How does strep throat spread?

Take Heart: The quest to rid the world of Rheumatic Heart Disease (Official Teaser)

Take Heart is a moving picture advocacy project designed to put rheumatic heart disease (RHD) on the global media and public health agendas. This is the official teaser for a full length feature released in 2016. It shows Eddie going to hospital for heart surgery.

Mary's Story - Things you need to know

Aunty Mary tells her story about her nephew with ARF, illustrated with cartoons and photos. Information you should know if your child or family member has had acute rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease.
For further information or to access a copy of this resource contact the RHD control program in your area or RHDAustralia:

What is acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease?

A brief introduction to acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease for the general public.
Print direct from this site for a trifold brochure, or contact for printed pamphlets and more information.

The Heart

A basic introduction and overview of the anatomy and function of the heart.

nothin deadly about a sore throat

Comic style booklet for young people highlighting the importance of preventing and treating sore throats and skin sores.

Heart and Rheumatic Programs - ARDS Audio Programs

This fourteen-part educational series on rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) aired on the Yolŋu Radio Service (Northern Territory - Top End, East Arhnem). The series explains the differences between ARF and RHD, but also explores the relationship between the two. Topics covered include: how it is acquired and the causes of ARF and RHD; medicines and treatment; and prevention. Provided in MP3 audio format, the broadcasts can be played in Media Player or downloaded.