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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

RHD Resouces


Heart Song - IHHP Lajamanu

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects was proud to partner with Katherine West Health Board and the Lajamanu Community NT to create this follow up deadly Music Video/ Health Resource. The key message was focused on the serious heart disease Rheumatic Fever. Every person in community has the power to make the right choice and lead a happy healthy life. Community members who have this illness need to get a jab every 28 days to keep them healthy. Respect to Lajamanu Community. We were honoured to have North Tanami Band assisting us with this creative process and recording the deadly song.

Treatment Tracker App

Treatment Tracker is a free to use phone app for people who are on penicillin injections to prevent acute rheumatic fever. The app can also be used by people who care for other people on these penicillin injections. The app reminds people when their injection is due or when they have an appointment for their injection AND motivates people to get their injections on time

What can I do to stop rheumatic fever?

Cartoon style flyer depicting actions to prevent rheumatic fever, including washing hands, brushing teeth and showering

What is Rheumatic Fever? - generic

An A4 flyer describing who can get rheumatic fever and how it affects the heart.

Sore throats and skin sores can hurt hearts - generic

Comic style booklet for young people highlighting the importance of preventing and treating sore throats and skin sores. Benny's journey with rheumatic fever.

Strong Heart Strong Body: generic - Information about rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

Information on signs and symptoms and how to manage rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. Booklet using comic book style characters to illustrate the signs and symptoms of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

Pedrino Echocardiogram Study

Short video explaining the Pedrino Study (Echocardiogram screening) to potential participants

Rayboy's Story

Story of teenager - Rayboy, going to clinic for BPG and looking after younger child who also needs BPG

Acute rheumatic fever signs and symptoms - Dr Bo Remenyi

A very concise 1min 38sec audio recording of Dr Bo Remenyi talking about the signs and symptoms of acute rheumatic. Quick and to the point. If your children have any of these symptoms take them to the clinic straight away.

Benny's Journey - Children's cartoon (ENGLISH)

Animated cartoon style video about ARF and RHD, why Bicillin injections are important and why sore throats need to be taken seriously and see a doctor immediately.