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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

2015/16 Themes and Theme Leaders

Theme 1: Epidemiology and Bioscience

Burden of ARF and RHD
  i. Definitive Baseline
  ii. Disease severity and progression

Primary prevention: pharyngitis and impetigo

Practical approaches to secondary prophylaxis

Clinical studies in ARF and RHD

Discovery research
  i.   GAS challenge models
  ii.  GAS vaccine development
  iii. New approaches to ARF diagnosis and treatment

Theme Leaders:

Jonathan Carapetis
Andrew Steer
Nick de Klerk

Thomas Snelling, Anna Ralph, Samantha Colquhoun, Christopher Reid, Dan McAullay



Theme 2: Implementation and Translation

Care at community level
  i.   SP Plus (local environmental and health promotion interventions)
  ii.  Improved RHD Care at Community Level

Update clinical guidelines

Improving secondary prophylaxis
  i.   Implementing outcomes of SP project
  ii.  Optimising BPG formulations

Echocardiography screening for early diagnosis
  i.   Develop and implement guidelines for school-age screening
  ii.  Maternal RHD

Understanding and improving tertiary outcomes
  i.   Cohort studies
  ii.  Clinical trials

Theme Leaders:

Bart Currie
Alex Brown
Graeme Maguire
Karen Edmond

Graeme Maguire, Karen Edmond, Dan McAullay, Anna Ralph, Vicki Krause, David Atkinson, Gavin Wheaton, Stephanie Trust, Claire Boardman, Rosemary Wyber



Theme 3: The RHD Community

Developing processes and protocols for the CRE

Telling the RHD Story

Developing an integrated life course approach to RHD

Theme Leaders:

Heather D’Antoine
Dawn Bessarab
Dan McAullay

Dan McAullay, Alex Brown, Stephanie Trust