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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

New South Wales RHD Register

Acute rheumatic fever is a notifiable condition in New South Wales.  Rheumatic heart disease is notifiable in NSW in people under 35.

NSW Health has established a register based control program to enhance the clinical and public health management of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in NSW.

The objectives of the program are to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with RHD by:

  • Identifying and registering new cases of ARF and RHD
  • Improving the uptake of and adherence to secondary prophylaxis
  • Increasing awareness of the diagnosis and management of ARF and RHD among healthcare providers, particularly those working with populations at high risk
  • Improving clinical care and follow up in line with best practice
  • Supporting health staff to provide education and support to patients, including education of the wider community
  • Using data to monitor patient outcomes and improve program strategies.
  • The NSW RHD Register program works with coordinators and public health units to support the diagnosis and follow-up of patients in all 17 local health districts and specialist networks in NSW.

Our clients

The NSW RHD Register program is available to any person diagnosed with ARF and RHD in NSW requiring long-term follow-up. In NSW, ARF and RHD are more common in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Maori, Pacific Islander people and some other groups of people born outside Australia.


Currently, there is limited information available on the burden of disease in NSW. The available data from NSW Public Hospitals shows the largest burden of disease occurs in children under the age of 15, followed by those in the 15-29 year age group. Aboriginal people make up approximately 40% of cases in children aged less than 15 years.

State legislation

ARF and RHD in people aged less than 35 years are in Schedule 1 (Scheduled medical conditions) and Schedule 2 (Notifiable Diseases) of the NSW Public Health Act 2010,  notifiable in NSW since 2 October 2015.


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P: 1300 066 055 (within NSW)
P: (02) 9391 9195 (outside NSW)
F: (02) 9391 9189


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29 June 2020