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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia

RHD Australia

RHD Australia

RHD Australia

E-Learning - RHDAustralia clinician modules

Featuring 15 different topics on ARF & RHD, this advanced education package was designed by clinicians for clinicians. Each module was developed in consultation with a clinical expert on the module topic. Aimed at clinicians and senior health staff, topics range from an introduction to acute rheumatic fever through to medical management of rheumatic heart disease.

Administering Bicillin

To prevent acute rheumatic fever recurrence, secondary prophylaxis with bicillin (BPG) is required. It is given as an intramuscular (IM) injection. This video is presented in 5 sections; 1 Introduction, 2 Physiology, 3 Treatment, 4 IM injection site and methods, 5 Reducing pain, stress and inconvenience. (This video is the basis for the eLearning module which is available on the RHDAustralia e-learning platform). Developed in association with the Queensland RHD Control Program.

Paper Tracker radio show – Prof Carapetis on rheumatic heart disease [Radio program 249]

This radio program provides information on rheumatic heart disease (RHD). RHD affects many people living in regional and remote communities across Australia. The program outlines what RHD is, what causes it, how it affects people’s health and what can be done to prevent the disease.

Video of Q&A Panel Event 2016 - Forgotten but not gone: Why does a third world disease exist in Australia

Hosted by Charlie King, OAM, the Rheumatic Heart Disease forum was held in Darwin in 2016, with discussion from experts, people with RHD and carers in a Q & A style presentation. ‘Why does a third world disease still exist in Australia?’ was the question asked at our Q&A panel event held at Parliament House, Darwin, on the 20th October. The community event raised awareness and generated discussion around a disease that has been all but forgotten in metropolitan and mainstream Australia. Bringing acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease back into the public light.

The Makulkul Mob - Wadeye

A music video from the community of Wadeye. The kids sing about strong hearts and strong bodies in the local language of Murrinhpatha. Produced by Red Dust and showcasing the talented students from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, they highlight nutrition, physical activity, hygiene and beign smoke free for a healthy heart. The song also introduces the signs that students should be aware in relation to rheumatic fever, which affects the heart.

Rheumatic valve disease New Zealand perspective

Powerpoint presentation delivered at RHDAustralia Evening Symposium, Brisbane, 22nd March 2016 by Dr. Adam El Gamel (Clinical Director Cardiac Surgery
at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, NZ and Associate Professor at Auckland University). This is an overview of RHD and cardiac surgery, including surgical considerations, tissue vs mechanical valves.

Cardiac Surgery: Patient's Journey

Powerpoint presentation by Dr Bo Remenyi at the RHDAustralia Evening Symposium, Brisbane, 22 March 2016. Dr. Remenyi is a paediatric cardiologist at Royal Darwin Hospital, and describes the journey of 2 children from diagnosis of rheumatic fever through heart failure and heart surgery. It includes the additonal pressure exerted on the family when a child is in hospital.

Unresolved Issues in ARF and RHD: What we know we don't know

Power point presented by Professor Bart Currie at the RHDAustralia Evening Symposium, Brisbane, 22 March 2016. Professor Bart Currie is Director of RHDAustralia and Team leader, Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases at Menzies School of Health Research. This presentation includes Group A Strep susceptibility, prevention, optimal prophylaxis, BPG dosing

Advances in Research and Technology

Advances in Research and Technology, presented by Professor Jonathan Carapetis at the RHDAustralia Evening Symposium, Brisbane, 22 March 2016. Professor Carapetis is the Director at Telethon Kids and Director RhEACH (Rheumatic Heart Disease Evidence Advocacy Communication Hope), a technical support and policy translation initiative to amplify rheumatic heart disease control efforts locally, regionally and globally.

Framework for a nurse practitioner role in acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

This framework presents a case for a nurse practitioner role in the prevention and management of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD). The framework demonstrates how a nurse practitioner could play a pivotal role in building the capacity of the health service to provide a more systematic, timely and coordinated approach to addressing service gaps and improving outcomes in the management of ARF and RHD