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Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia


The Global Atlas of Rheumatic Heart Disease which has been built by RHD Action* provides a new way to view the global distribution of RHD burden, as well as programs and activities underway to help control the disease.

Information about the burden of disease and what's being done to prevent it is easy to explore through the interactive map format. A global overview of activities, control programs and country case studies, as well as current burden of disease estimates can be viewed from within the RHD Atlas.

It is hoped that over time, sufficient data on the burden of RHD in Australia will be collected and this can be used to build an Australian-specific Atlas of Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Launch Global ATLAS

* RHD Action is the global movement to reduce the burden of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) in vulnerable populations of all ages throughout the world.   RHD Action Alliance (RHDAA) is a coalition of global organisations leading the global movement.